Uh-oh, another member of the K-pop mega group NCT has found himself in deep trouble!

This time, Jungwoo (정우)’s name has been trending on Twitter after photos of him smoking circulated online recently.

Source: Twitter

As expected, the issue was met with dividing opinions from a lot of K-pop fans. Some are saying that as an idol, he should be setting a good example for his much younger, impressionable fans by not smoking, at least in public. In addition, others argued that smoking is simply bad for his health.


On the contrary, some fans have come to Jungwoo’s defence. In this case, most of them argued that he is allowed to do whatever he wants to do, as he is mature enough to make his own decisions. Some fans also turned the serious situation into a humorous one, stating that it is extremely funny how Jungwoo is known for his cute appearance, yet looks like a  hot bad boy while smoking.

As aforementioned, Jungwoo is not the first member from the 23-piece musical ensemble who has been caught up in such a tricky situation. Back on 1st October, NCT member Lucas was caught accidentally flashing a cigarette box during an Instagram Live.

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