Indonesian queer figure Millen Cyrus was arrested earlier this week after the police found her guilty of possessing drugs.

Netizens were enraged after learning that the police had initially announced that the social media celeb was to be placed in a male cell, in accordance to her registered gender listed on her identity card.


After facing massive backlash from the public, it was revealed that the police has removed Millen from the male cell. “She will be by herself, not placed together with male or female arrestees. We put her in a special cell so there won’t be a polemic. This decision was made by the police force,” Jakarta Metro Police spokesman Yusri Yunus was quoted as saying.


During the arrest, police found a bong, a bottle of an alcoholic drink, and 0.36 grams of crystal meth (locally known as syabu). Millen was named as a suspect for possession and drug use after her urine test came out positive. She was arrested at a hotel in North Jakarta, along with a man known as JR.

Millen (real name Muhammad Millendaru Prakasa) was charged with violation of Article 127 of the Narcotics Law. If found guilty, she will either be required to attend rehabilitation or face a prison sentence. The authorities are still tracing two more suspects who were allegedly possessing drugs at the same hotel room with her.

While you’re here, feel free to watch this heartfelt documentary, where a number of transgender detainees detailed their experience of being placed in a male prison cell:

Source: Kompas.

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