Recently, the internet was abuzz after people discovered a website called “iShareFans”, which lets you make “easy money” for doing simple tasks.

However, the users failed to realise that the whole thing was a scam and numerous netizens are outraged after losing all the money they had put in.

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For context, “iShareFans” requires users to carry out tasks on social media (TikTok, Instagram, etc.), such as liking pages and following accounts, which is supposed to earn them RM1 per task. Free users are capped at a maximum of 3 tasks per day, meaning RM90 per month if they managed to complete it everyday.


You might wonder how people end up losing money if they can already make “easy” cash without paying a single penny. Well, users can upgrade their accounts for a questionable amount, allowing themselves to perform more tasks and earn more money upon completion, depending on how much they’ve paid.

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Initially, it was all fun and games as users can actually withdraw the money they’ve earned. This actually helped convince people that it’s a legit website, but little did they know, it was probably done intentionally to bait people into putting in more money before they shut down the whole thing.

It all started going downhill for the users when the website released a notice stating that, withdrawal processes will be slowed down due to Covid-19. This has definitely stirred anxiety amongst the website premium users since they can no longer withdraw their easily earned money, and now people are starting to believe that it is a scam.

Check out netizens reactions below:

According to a local portal, they’ve found out that the website owner’s information has been made private since the start. Moreover, the website was created back in August this year, which is quite recent and definitely questionable.

It is also reported that the “iShareFans” domain is only registered for a year, whereas big companies would usually register their domain for 3 years. The fact that this website emerged during a period where it’s hard to earn an income definitely says something fishy about it.

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As of now, the “premium users” are trying to compile evidences to lodge a police report, however, previous cases prove that there is a little-to-no chance of them getting their money back. Hopefully, this serves as a lesson for all people out there to not easily believe in “money-making” apps and websites.

Source: Vocket.

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