Da’i Syed is finally opening up about his alleged sexual assault controversy that went viral on social media earlier this week.

In a statement posted on his Instagram, he clarified that all of the claims posted on Twitter by the individuals were only exaggerated to tarnish his image.

Source: @daisyed_ Instagram

The singer also shared that he had already filed a police report and is considering taking legal action against the culprits. As stated by Syed in his previous comment, he was a victim of defamation by the internet trolls.

In an effort to clear his name, the 25-year-old Muslim preacher has appointed a lawyer to handle his case. He also demanded the supposed individuals to make a written apology and upload it on social media. Syed further added that he will proceed with a lawsuit against them.

Source: Facebook

Syed also clarified on the open rebuke made by his biological father, Syed Mohammad Shaiful Jamalullail, on his Facebook page. He stated that what happened between them is personal. According to him, his relationship with his dad has been strained since 2016, as his father voiced out his disagreement against Syed’s decision to join a reality show.

However, Syed revealed that his mother and father had separated in 2017 before his father moved to Cairo, Egypt. Out of respect for his estranged dad, Syed explained that he will accept his father’s advice with an open heart.

Source: PU Syed’s Instagram.

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