Young Muslim preacher and singer Da’i Syed came under fire this week for multiple allegations of sexual harassment cases.

It all started after a Twitter user took to social media last night (Monday, 23rd November) to spill that the 25-year-old had raped her good friend.

Source: Twitter

The netizen also dished that her friend was not the only one who had encountered such an ugly occurrence! According to her, Da’i Syed had also brought several other girls back to his residence. She added that her best friend has been traumatised following the incident involving the “Ya Agmal Eyoun” singer.

The girl also posted a series of threads showing the screenshots of texts that were sent from several other individuals who claimed to be the “victims” of Da’i Syed. Check out some of the “evidence” obtained by the Twitter user here:


Following that, our friends at has contacted the local celeb’s management to get a statement regarding the allegation. They stated that the team has been informed of the matter and will proceed with the investigation. They further revealed that they will issue an official statement to address the case in the near future.

Update (Wednesday, 25th November):

Da’i Syed has revealed that he had lodged a police report against the individuals who had spread the false claims about him. In this case, he claimed that he was a victim of defamation, before adding that he didn’t know the two individuals (the netizen and her friend) at all, including the alleged rape victims.

The pious figure stated that the report was made to clear his name on the case. Not only that, he also vowed to take action if the alleged individuals declined to withdraw their previous statements.

Source: Twitter

Source: Murai (1)(2).

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