Bai Ling (白灵) was recently in Taipei to celebrate her Best Actress nomination for the 57th Golden Horse Film Festival.

The 54-year-old Chinese-American actress was recognised for her role as a tai chi teacher with a secret life as a black-market abortionist in the 2019 Fruit Chan-directed film, “The Abortionist”.

Bai Ling
Source: Google Images/ IG

However, what caught the internet’s attention was her recent posts where she left little to the imagination. Bai Ling took advantage of her stay in Taiwan as a tourist. One of her highlights was, of course, soaking in a hot spring in Grand View Resort Beitou (北投麗禧溫泉酒店).

In the photos, the entertainer was sitting naked by the bath while covering her private parts. She described the heated water as “so hot” that you could boil an egg, but at the same time, “so amazing”. Bai Ling also thanked her “new friend in Taipei” for gifting her with this relaxing moment.

If you’ve been following Bai Ling on Instagram, then you’ll know that the actress is no stranger to teasing her followers with numerous sensual snapshots of herself wearing absolutely nothing.

She also opened up about struggles of being quarantined while staying at Shangri-La, Taipei. “It is not easy for me to witness myself struggle so much during this 14 days quarantine, but with love and respect in my heart for others, yes we can almost do anything,” she wrote.

As for the naysayers, this is what Bai Ling has to say, “I earned #myfreedom with my patience, endurance, respect, love and understanding, and learned how important it was to have our freedom.”

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