Malaysia’s entertainment scene was left in a state of shock after authorities found local female celebrities charging up to RM40k per night in a high-end prostitution ring.

Since no names were mentioned, netizens made their own assumptions and accused actress Fara Mendoza as one of the celebs involved in the illegal act.

Source: My News Hub

The 30-year-old actress described the allegation made towards her as completely unfounded. The accusations were made through the comments section on her Instagram posts, to which Fara said she could only laugh at the absurdity.


She stated that she wouldn’t have to work anymore if she was involved with the high-paying act. Fara explained, “I don’t even want to be a ‘foster girl’, what more doing dirty work. Think logically, if I did sex-for-hire, why would I still post all my work (paid reviews and ads) on Instagram?”

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The controversial celebrity asserted, “I won’t have to sell chips or other people’s products through paid reviews anymore. I don’t have to change my outfits and put on heavy make up doing promotions every day. I don’t even have to be a ‘bigo star’ and go live every month.”

The “Raisha 2” actress further questioned netizens, asking why would she continue to review videos everyday if she’s being paid up to RM40k per night as a high-end prostitute. Fara Mendoza explained that she would only have to flaunt all her luxury assets without any proof of work, before questioning, “Is that what happened? Did you see it?”

Fara Mendoza
Source: Instagram

Chacha Maembong has also received similar accusations and decided to lodge a police report against the naysayers.

Source: Rotikaya.

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