Chacha Maembong wants everybody to take note that she is not involved in any activities linked to the Macau Scam.

Refusing to stay silent, the 24-year-old had recently lodged a police report against those who had spread defamatory remarks about her. According to Chacha, she will proceed to take legal action following her lawyer’s advice.

Source: Instagram

“The purpose of this report is to shut down all widespread slanders regarding my involvement in the Macau Scam and also the high-end prostitution ring. I will also work with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and the authorities in case I’m called upon to cooperate,” Chacha revealed in her Instagram post.


The “Bukan Gadis Biasa” actress further added, “I will also take action against the individuals who have spread the false allegations. Follow-up action from the law will be carried out, as the case is currently under investigation. I will not make any statements until then. Thank you.” 

Source: Instagram

Previously, it was speculated that Chacha has been funded by sources related to the Macau Scam activities. Others also claimed that she was involved in the high-end prostitution syndicate and was paid between RM20k – RM40k per night, to which she denied all the false accusations.

Read her full statement here.

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