Over recent weeks, the “Macau Scam” syndicate, related to money laundering and celebrities in our country has been the talk of the town and main focal point of certain authorities.

The Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) recently confirmed that Addy Kana and Goh Leong Yeong @Alvin acted as agents or coordinators in providing facilities for the money-laundering syndicate.

Source: Harian Metro

According to Sinar Harian, Bukit Aman CID director Datuk Huzir Mohamed stated that an investigation found that the two individuals mentioned were hired to provide housing facilities, call centers equipped with computers and telecommunications facilities, as well as internet access in the country. The facilities are then used by the fraud syndicate to target the people in China.


“The call centers that operate in luxury residence units and offices conduct daily operations by targeting people in China as victims of gambling activities, Forex investment frauds, and fraudulent purchase of goods, as well as claims of goods including scams,” stated Comm Huzir.

Source: Suara Sarawak

Comm Huzir went on to clarify that the allegations by certain parties linking the fraudulent activities in our country with Addy Kana and Goh Leong Yong are inaccurate. According to him, the fraud activities in the country are carried out by other syndicates.

He added, “The allegation that Addy Kana will be released is also inaccurate because he is currently being detained under the Prevention Of Crime Act (POCA) along with two other individuals. We are also still tracking Alvin who escaped MACC’s HQ in Putrajaya on 11th October.”

Sources: Odisi / The Star

Comm Huzir also stated that details of the fraudulent activities carried out by the two individuals will be revealed in the nearest time. It will be officially announced to avoid further misunderstandings of the issue among the locals.

In related news, two famous celebrities in the entertainment industry will be called by the MACC to assist in the ongoing “Macau Scam” syndicate investigation. The two artists are also known to be entrepreneurs and very well-known on social media, having more than one million followers each.

Source: Harian Metro

The MACC has requested the presence of the male actor and female TV host after no other local celebs came to testify voluntarily. Having said that, Sharnaaz Ahmad recently spoke out regarding the issue, stating that he will give full cooperation to assist in the investigation.

The actor said, “Either way, if (I was) called or not, I will give my full cooperation to the relevant parties.” Sharnaaz revealed that he previously gave his statement to the MACC but didn’t want to elaborate on it as to avoid disrupting the ongoing investigation.

Source: Murai

He is also grateful that his “Bubble Bee” business has been running as usual and unaffected despite the franchise being allegedly related to the “Macau Scam” syndicate. The actor added, “We should not be afraid if we are not wrong.”


The MACC also has a list of female celebrities and Instagram influencers charging up to RM40K per night in a high-end prostitution ring. Read about it here.

Sources: Sinar Harian, Harian Metro, Berita Harian.

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