David Beckham was seen enjoying some quality time with his daughter after his wife, Victoria Beckham, posted an adorable picture of the father-daughter duo on Instagram today (21st October).

The post was captioned “The best daddy” and included an image of the two giving each other a peck on the lips. While the image appeared loving and affectionate, the act has sparked much debate on social media.

Source: Instagram

The football legend is reported to have been foraging for fruits and vegetables with his youngest daughter, Harper, when they shared the kiss that left many netizens divided on the matter.


Some followers have been quick to express their disapproval of a father kissing his daughter with comments reading, “Please stop kissing kids on the lips!!!!” and “Don’t kiss baby on lips!” Read more of these comments here:

However, an overwhelming majority of followers have been supporting David and spoke up about how it’s acceptable for a parent to kiss their children as an innocent gesture. Fans even praised the celebrity couple for expressing such “pure devoted love” in their relationship with their children.

Many netizens also took to the comments section to point out that an affectionate kiss among a parent and a child should not be confused with an act of sexual intimacy. Check out some of the comments here:


A fan stated that she was sometimes not comfortable with seeing a child being kissed on the lips, but explained that she as a mother did it with her own kids without a thought. Her full comment reads:

“It always makes me uncomfortable when I see kissing on the lips with babies and kids but I am pretty sure I have done it myself numerous times with my kids or my baby nephews without a though(t).” 

“People associate kissing on the lips as an intimate act between lovers but some cultures do this with anyone and they know how to separate the reactions from love and affection vs intimacy.


“We just need to get to that level and stop being weird about it because of our own issues,”  added the netizen.

Source: Instagram

Anthony Douglas Williams once wrote, “When our actions are based on good intentions our soul has no regrets.”

Source: Daily Mail.

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