A CCTV footage recently surfaced around the internet showing a woman throwing her 2 children over a bridge to their deaths.

The shocking incident happened over the weekend on 17th October. This tragic occurrence took place in Iraq at the Al-Aimmah Bridge which crosses the Tigris River.

Source: Twitter

According to Gulf News, the mother of a 3-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter has been identified and arrested by the Baghdad police. Initial investigations have concluded that the mother committed the disturbing act after arguing with her husband who was seeking a divorce.


It is reported that the other family members are still in shock after finding out about the devastating news and desperately waited by the Tigris river for the bodies to be found. Euro Weekly News reported that the Iraqi Security Forces managed to retrieve the bodies of Hur Mohammed, 3, and Masuma Mohammed, 2, after searching the river for hours.

Source: Wikimedia

The paternal grandfather of the 2 children, Abu Tahsin Deraji stated, “This (crime) has long been planned. It’s been almost 2 months since the woman has been separated from her husband.” He went on to explain that they caught the woman with her lover earlier in January, before taking them to her parent’s house.

The grandfather added, “We wanted the divorce to happen in court. They all agreed. We didn’t discuss this subject elsewhere, and we didn’t reveal any pictures (of the affair) to anyone.”

Based on the video, the woman threw both of her children over the bridge without any remorse before walking away. Watch the CCTV footage included in the tweet below (Very Disturbing) :

Sources: Gulf News, Euro Weekly News.

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