Oh dear, not again! dUCk Scarves has recently been accused of plagiarising another hijab label. This time, it’s from the famous instant tudung brand, Bokitta.

A dispute broke out between some fans of the famous brands after dUCk uploaded the latest product, Magnetic Pins with Chains, on its official Instagram page.

Source: Instagram

In this case, many Bokitta fans claimed that the hijab accessory has been released since last year. On the contrary, the latter’s product was just launched yesterday (Tuesday, 20th October).


In addressing the matter, the co-founder of Bokitta, Hala Absi, considered the issue as “free marketing” for them. According to her “We are always innovative and we don’t need to copy others to succeed.”

Read what she said here:

Source: Gempak

Bokitta also took to its official Facebook, Bokittalover.com, earlier this week to shed some light on the situation. “Hala Absi is one of Bokitta’s co-founders from Lebanon. She’s the one in charge of coming up with all the creative designs,” Bokitta shared in the post.

They continued, “For Bokitta’s instant hijab designs, which was a one-off production, Hala and the team worked hard to produce a variety of exclusive design innovations for each product. Not only for the no.1 instant hijab design in Malaysia, Hala also contributed a variety of ideas for Bokitta’s accessory products, including BOKITTA MAGNETIC SHAPERS ™ released in 2019.” 

“The product is a breath of fresh air for hijabis in styling their hijabs without even using the pins. And today, the design has ‘inspired’ a big brand in Malaysia. Well done, Hala! Keep up the brilliant brain and keep ‘inspiring’ others,” they concluded the statement, seemingly throwing shade at dUCk.

Source: Facebook

What do you think? Do you see any similarities between the two aforementioned designs?

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