The South Korean Supreme Court came up with its final verdict for Choi Jongbum (최종범)’s case involving his ex-girlfriend, Goo Hara (구하라).

Earlier today (Thursday, 15th October), the court sentenced the celebrity hair stylist to one year jail term for threatening and assaulting the late starlet.

Source: AllKpop

The Supreme Court has announced to uphold Jongbum’s prison sentence, under the Sexual Violence Punishment Act. Most of the charges, including property damage, injury, blackmail, and coercion, were admitted. Due to lack of evidence, the charges of illegal filming were found innocent, as in the first and second trials.


Jongbum has been subjected to an ongoing trial for allegedly causing injuries to Hara’s arms and legs and threatening to spread their sex tape during a fight dated back in September 2018. He is also suspected of filming the “Invincible Youth” star without her consent.

Source: Knetizen

Do you think the punishment is sufficient for the damage Jongbum had done in the past?

Source: ZAPZEE.

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