With gyms not permitted to open during the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO), some people are demanding gyms to reopen.

Malaysian TV and radio host, Maggy Wang, who owns a fitness studio herself, has spoken out against the issue stating that “gyms are not (an) essential.”

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Maggy posted a story on her Instagram profile, @themaggywang, expressing her opinion that gyms shouldn’t reopen because it is non-essential. She explained that gyms are “just a space/medium for you to workout/move.”


The Chinese TV personality who founded Motion Lab, a boutique fitness studio, explained to the people complaining, that she also wants her business running. However, Maggy stated that it’s hard to feel safe running it “when people are contracting the virus faster than you can do a pull up.”

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“You can still get a great workout that’s both effective & efficient without a gym. You just need to find the right people to help you. Unless you’re an athlete that requires very specific training, that’s a different story,” she added in the IG story.

Earlier on, Maggy Wang’s boyfriend, Joseph Lee, who goes by @jobroseph on Instagram had also spoken out on the issue in his IG story. He stated, “Just stay the f at home so that I can open mine soon.”

Based on the IG story, the issue came to the couple’s attention after a Facebook user, Joseph Pek, shared a story about a lady who requested a local gym to reopen in order for her to work out, or else her immune system would fail. The lady even got her husband, who is a doctor, to convince the gym to reopen for her over the phone.

That’s not all, another user on Instagram, @thebananagayllery, also took to his profile to share his views related to the issue. The post stated “It’s funny to see some people keep scolding ‘oh, no gym for 2 weeks,’ ‘oh, why gym not open’, which is weird, because these people looks like (they’ve) never (been to the) gym before.”

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With proper planning and equipment, we think home workouts can be as effective as working out at the gym. What do you think? Share us your views on the hot issue!

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