Micheal B. Jordan just posted a shirtless picture of himself, and we are drooling! However, this sexy picture wasn’t just some eye candy, as it came with the important message of reminding fans to vote early!!!

The 33-year-old actor posted a picture of himself showing off a bare chest and some lip biting to cheekily grab the attention of his followers. This steamy picture was effectively captioned “Vote Early”. Wow, what a way to encourage followers to vote at the upcoming US presidential election!

Source: Instagram

Along with the shirtless picture, Jordan attached two other images with a checklist explaining what to do and how to vote. The post also included the link to the Voting Information Center’s webpage, where his followers can obtain more details about how to cast their votes.

Jordan’s followers were obviously over the moon with this yummy sight for the eyes, and a few netizens are aptly calling it a “thirst trap”. Twitter and Instagram are buzzing with excitement over the post, proving that the “Black Panther” actor’s clever tactic definitely got the job done.

Check out some of the responses here:


Jordan is not the only celebrity who has been drawing attention on the necessity of voting for the election, as Kylie Jenner also reminded fans to register to vote with an attractive picture. The cosmetic mogul’s picture was posted on Instagram with her showing off her sun kissed body in a stunning bikini.

As far as spreading awareness goes, this sure is one of the most interesting strategies so far!

Source: Micheal B. Jordan’s Instagram post.

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