The conflict between the late Goo Hara (구하라)’s family members regarding her inheritance has yet to reach a mutual settlement.

Recently, Hara’s mom appeared for the first time in an interview with JTBC’s “Spotlight”, where she shed some light on the ongoing controversy with her son, Go Hoin (구호인).

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During the chat, Hara’s mother shut down allegations about their tarnished relationship. According to the lady, “I was more affectionate with my daughter than anyone else. We even shared a close mother-daughter bonding that none of the family members knew.” 


About her decision to appoint lawyers before the end of Hara’s funeral procession, she explained, “Hara’s aunt was the one who suggested for me to do so. My daughter just passed away, what kind of inheritance or money could have been more important? I don’t even know now how it worked. I don’t know anything especially the exact amount of money.” She then refuted from being questioned about the matter.

“What kind of parent doesn’t want to raise their child? However, I had my own circumstance. In my situation without a job, I left the house with just one bag. Even though I wanted to raise them, I found myself in a situation where I couldn’t. I ended up neglecting my responsibility as a mother,” she further added.

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Hara’s mom also denied past claims that she cheated. “That’s not true. I was working at night when my ex-husband shaved his head and came with his knife saying that he was going to kill me.” However, a statement about her mother’s affair had been written in the “City Hunter” actress’ diary. Hara’s friend stated, “She always knew that her mother had been meeting another man.”

Back to the interview, the mother further clarified, “I didn’t suddenly appear to claim her wealth. Hara was the one who came to find me. She missed her mother.” She even shared a photo she took with Goo Hara during their meeting back in 2017. “We talked about going on a vacation, eating lots of food as well as spending quality time together,” her mother recalled.

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However, another acquaintance of the “Step” singer remarked, “I think her mother intended to brag that she’s Goo Hara’s mom. I think she even had her friends there. Hara just wanted to see her mom, receive a warm hug and talk with her mom. But she basically invited all her relatives and their kids. It was like a party.”

Another insider revealed that while their mother lived nearby her kids, she never went to go visit them. They said “She lived at a close enough distance to see her kids. But she would say that her children weren’t looking after her. She knew everything about Hara and was going around telling everyone she was Hara’s mom. They couldn’t believe that she had done that.”

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Hara’s mother’s claims were met with negative reactions from netizens. In this case, most of them pointed out that she was actually twisting the real story.

Do you believe the late K-pop idol’s mom?


Sources: Zapzee, Soompi.

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