Dispatch recently reported that Goo Hara (구하라)’s elder brother, Goo Hoin (구호인) has filed a lawsuit against their biological mother regarding their ongoing dispute in distributing the late star’s inheritance.

This came after the siblings’ mother, who abandoned the ex-KARA in the past, demanded that she’s rightful to receive 50% of Hara’s assets. However, both Hoin and their father have stepped in to shut down such absurd request.

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He further added that he has given 50% of his share to Hoin. “We cannot accept her mother’s request. She abandoned her as a child and left the house. What’s her right to receive any of Hara’s inheritance? I’ve travelled all over the country in order to cover all the expenses needed to raise our children,” the father was quoted as saying.


He further added, “Up until the present day, both Hara and Hoin have spent their lives without their mother around. The ones that took care of Hara were her grandmother and brother.”

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It’s revealed that due to the procedure of distributing the property, Hara’s wealth and assets will be divided 50-50, between Hoin as well as the mother. As a result, Hoin also expressed his disappointment at the decision.

“Hara was only 9 years old when our mother ran away from home. She spent her life fighting the trauma of being abandoned. Our living expenses were paid by my father. After she debuted as a celebrity, he acted as her guardian,” Hoin told the press.

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The “Invincible Youth” starlet’s memo written back in 2016 came to light in the wake of the ongoing issue. It details Hara’s honest opinion in her longing for her mother. Feel free to read the full translated write-up here:

“As you say, as you think. It all comes to this. I need to protect myself. I know myself the best. No, I am more sensitive about myself, than anyone else, it’s really scary how much I know. I know when my energy will be taken away. So, I can manage to always stay happy and positive.

I miss my mother. I want my mom to feel that I miss her. It’s always stuck in my throat, but I can’t spit it out, it just sinks back in. I’m more desperate and want this feeling more than anyone else. Pain… no. I’ve been hurt. That’s enough.”

Source: Kimchi Daily

This goes to show that greed can turn family members against each other. Still, is it absurd that the pop star’s mum is getting 50% of hr inheritance?

Source: Koreaboo.

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