Even after the arrest of a few well-known people allegedly behind the “Macau Scam”, their illegal operations have not stopped.

A Twitter user named @JalalMisai_2 recently posted recordings of a scammer attempting to con a victim through the phone.

The victim, who recorded the call session, was apparently on the phone with an individual posing to be a police officer. The poser assured the man that they were calling from an emergency line and had asked for a personal phone number to which the victim refused to give.

The conversation between them got heated after the victim called out the scammer by asking, “Didn’t you scammers get caught already?”. It soon turned out to be an argument with them mocking each other until the poser dropped his act when he said, “The underprivileged people (who got scammed) are poor because they are lazy.”

Surprisingly, it quickly turned into a friendly discussion when the perpetrator claimed that the Dato’ Sri who got caught recently, is his employer. The scammer had also acknowledged his wrongdoings, before sharing an advice with his victim-turned-friend to remind family members not to answer unknown calls to avoid getting scammed.


He even tried to justify his wrongdoings by saying “I only con people who are inattentive, careless, and gullible.” He also continued that the kind of people who believes in the frozen account scam “has definitely received dirty money before. That’s why they get scared.

The caller further explained that scam companies are able to obtain people’s contact numbers from moles in the government, relating it to how some politicians get rich. Not long after, the victim mentioned of a scam call he received earlier from the “court” to which the caller explained, “Court (scammers) are not a part of my team, they’re a different department, but under the same company.”

The scammer further justifies his actions by saying he always prays that he only ends up scamming wrongdoers such as property thieves and tax evaders. Based on the video, both of them shared some laughs and the victim even told the scammer that if they were to hang out, they would have a lot of things to talk about.

Before saying their goodbyes, the victim apologised for being angry earlier during the call. He also said he hopes the caller gets a better job in the future that isn’t illegal, to which the scammer affirmed with an “amin”.

From being enemies to talking like old-time friends, the call definitely took a surprising turn. Nonetheless, there has been no evidence on whether the caller is actually a part of the “Macau Scam” or if he was just covering up his trails.

Source: NST

According to New Straits Times, The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has seized RM5 million in cash from “Macau Scam” syndicates and froze 730 bank accounts which contain amounts of up to RM80 million.

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