If you recall back in 2010, Luna Maya made headlines across the globe after her NSFW clip with her then-lover, Ariel from the band Noah, leaked online.

Fast forward a decade later, the 37-year-old is finally opening up about the struggles she encountered in a heart-to-heart chat with Eko Patrio on his YouTube channel, “Sikopat”.

Source: Fajar

Prior to this, Luna was one of the most sought-after artistes in the country. “At that time, you were really on top. But suddenly, all of your friends left, several big ads deals were canceled, among other things,” the comedian commented. It was unfortunate that everything changed after the controversial clip went viral.


“I remember the first six months of the first year (when the scandal broke out); it was very difficult for me. Especially during the first three months, it was hard for me to endure. At that time, I felt like dying,” recalled the multitalented starlet.

Source: Kompas

The “Paranoid” singer further added, “Actually, I felt like ending my life not because of despair, but because I couldn’t stand being bullied and humiliated. Because I thought ‘If the public no longer likes me and only wants to insult me, why should I live?”

After hearing Luna’s heartfelt confession, the comedian then asked how she managed to get through that difficult period. The actress shared that she stayed at home for a year, shunning away from the spotlight.

For those interested, check out the full interview here:

Women tend to get the short end of the stick when such instances occur.

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