Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL) is known among fans to have a close relationship with fellow singer Ariel Noah. But who would have thought that the famous band vocalist was previously “rejected” by the multitalented starlet in the past!

The Indonesian heartthrob came forth to shed some light on this during his appearance on the talk show “Okay Bos”. Curious to know why BCL declined his proposal?

Source: Grid Hits

Ariel told the MCs, “Back then, we (Peterpan) dropped a song called ‘Menghapus Jejakmu’. Initially, we didn’t want to include it in our album because we felt that the colour of the song was too different from what we used to perform.” He then offered it to BCL. The song, which was composed by him, was still unfinished at that time.


“By the time the song was completed, we came to know that she was searching for a song for her album. Then I offered, ‘Unge (BCL), just use this (song)’,” The “Mungkin Nanti” hit-maker was quoted as saying. However, he insisted not to be credited as the creator of the song, to which BCL rejected the offer.

The song was then included in Peterpan (now known as Noah)’s 4th album “Hari Yang Cerah” (2007). More than a decade later, the song was remade into a duet by both BCL and Ariel, which was released earlier this year. Feel free to enjoy the music videos of “Menghapus Jejakmu” here:

For those interested, watch the full interview here:

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