Maybank has recently launched its latest app, MAE by Maybank2u, which will offer users a next-generation digital banking experience.

Complementing the recently announced app is the all-new MAE Visa Debit Card, which can be ordered and received through mail.

Source: Maybank

MAE was originally an e-wallet that was integrated into the Maybank2u app. However, the purpose of this new app is not just for cashless transactions, but it is also meant for facilitating everyone’s regular banking needs with new and exciting features that help customers better manage their finances.


Maybank’s CEO Datuk Abdul Farid Alias said, “MAE by Maybank2u was developed to be more than just a banking app; we want it to be an all-encompassing platform to help our customers manage their day-to-day money matters. Imagine it to be a pocketable digital bank but with many cool features to help you take control of your money.”

Source: Google Play Store

“The app contains the existing features within Maybank2u to help with your daily needs, such as paying bills and fund transfers; but we have also introduced new tools to help customers track their spending while encouraging them to save too,” he stated in his speech.

Designed to be a replacement for Maybank2u, the new app keeps all of Maybank2u services but introduced new features, such as “Tabung” and “Expenses”. This is part of the bank’s effort to help users manage their finances responsibly and in a more comprehensive manner.

Source: Google Play Store

The “Expenses” feature provides a view of everything you’ve spent across your Maybank accounts, cards, and QR transactions to give more insight on where your money has gone. On the other hand, the “Tabung” feature is self-explanatory; it helps you save money consistently in order for you to achieve a desired target, which can also be done quicker with the help of “Boosters”.

For example, the “Spare Change Booster” will round up your expenses higher and deliver the additional change to your “Tabung”. “Scan & Save Booster” automatically transfers everything you save from QR transactions, while “Guilty Pleasure Booster” allows you to set a daily spending limit in any category and an amount will be credited into your “Tabung”, if the limit is exceeded.

Source: Maybank

The new MAE Visa Debit Card comes with a lot of benefits including foreign exchange rates and perks to enjoy worldwide. This card can be applied through the app and with an annual fee of RM8, they will deliver it to your doorsteps within 7 working days.

Maybank is confident that users will slowly migrate to the new app replacing Maybank2u altogether. “We are expecting 3 million downloads of the app in the next 12 months,” Datuk Farid said.

Source: Maybank

MAE by Maybank2u is now available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store. To learn more, feel free to read up on the app here or watch the video below:

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