The British Royal family is known for living the royal dream (literally). However, as more and more recent events are beginning to indicate, it’s apparent that the seemingly “perfect” Royals don’t live the fairy tale life we once thought they did.

As a whole lot of ups and downs occur behind the closed gates of Buckingham Palace, royal historian Robert Lacey reveals that Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton shared their own dose of turbulence while dating as well.

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

William and Kate are commonly thought to be #couplegoals. From a courtship filled with smiles and elegance, to now being successors to the Royal throne, this couple undoubtedly share an extraordinary love story. However, this love affair didn’t come to life as smoothly as it seemed.


According to reports, Kate’s and William’s “meet cute” while studying at the same university wasn’t so accidental. Instead, Kate had planned it to the dot.

Kate was first accepted into the university of her dreams, Marlborough College. However, as soon as it was made public that Prince William will be enrolling at the University of St Andrews the following year, the now Duchess of Cambridge quickly withdrew her place at Marlborough and took a “gap year”. All this hassle just so she could join the exact course, at the exact university, during the exact time as Prince William.

Wow, what a master planner.

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

Nonetheless, Kate’s efforts weren’t for nothing as she did eventually grab the eligible Prince’s attention while sashaying down a catwalk in her underwear.

In 2002, Kate participated in a fashion show raising funds for families of the 9/11 attacks victim’s in New York. The gorgeous brunette was initially given a knitted top along with a see-through skirt to parade for the fashion show. However, she lost the bulky knitwear and pulled the skirt up to make it a “mini-dress” of sorts, showing off not only her underwear, but also her toned body.

And who was sitting in the front row to see all this? Yep, you guessed it, Prince William of course. “Wow,” he reportedly whispered to his friend Fergus Boyd. “Kate’s hot!” Later, the starstruck Prince and Kate were seen kissing each other at the after party.

Source: Daily Mail

Now that Kate had finally bagged the Prince, they eventually had “couple problems” of their own. One such issue being Kate getting upset about William going on a boys only sailing trip to Greece in 2004. Additionally, when Kate found out that the yacht might be staffed by an all-female crew she was not happy.

When speaking to ITV’s Tom Bradby in 2010, Prince William revealed, “In that particular instance, we did split up for a bit… We were both very young… We were both finding ourselves as such…”

Source: Elle

Following this, the couple rekindled their love and eventually got back together in their last year of university. However, again in 2006, Kate was stirring the pot by rejecting an invitation to dine with the queen herself.

William invited Kate to join him that year at Sandringham for the Royal Family’s traditional Christmas lunch but Kate refused, claiming that she would join for the Christmas celebration only when she had a ring on her finger. Was she pressurising the Prince into marriage? Even if she was, it didn’t work as William still didn’t propose until a few years later. And, before their fairy tale wedding in 2011, the couple had another rift.

Source: Evening Standard

In 2007, Kate and William broke up again after 6 years of dating. However, after nearly 3 months of being apart, the two love birds could no longer stay without each other and “were seen kissing and dancing closely at a party in the prince’s barracks in Bovington, Dorset.”

Eventually, William realised that he needed Kate in his life and proposed to her in 2010, while on a safari holiday in Kenya. The then 28-year-old lovers later tied the knot at Westminster Abbey in London.

Source: E! Online

It seems that us commoners are not the only ones experiencing the turbulences that come with dating – even the royal family is not immune to that drama!

However, after a decade of courtship, this royal couple survived the dating world and we definitely hope they continue to thrive happily in their marriage as well.

Source: Daily Mail.

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