A man who lost his job due to MCO (Movement Control Order) didn’t have the heart to tell his wife; so he posed every morning like he’s going out for work.

The man shared his story with Suria FM during a call session. He explained that he felt guilt and remorse towards his wife, who inclined him to put on a facade for 3 months.

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For all those months, he went out wearing his usual attire but had brought extra clothes with him. The man also took the initiative to accept any part-time work he could get his hands on, while also looking for a new permanent job.


He told the radio station, “I didn’t have the heart to tell her. Plus, everyone is struggling to find a job now. I did daily part-time jobs. I’d leave the house wearing my usual work attire, but I had stored clothes inside my motorcycle. I didn’t want her to know that I’ve been fired. However, I never stopped looking for a new (permanent) job.”

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Luckily for him, he told the station that he managed to get a new job on 14th September. When he got news of the interview, the man didn’t hesitate to share the good news with his wife. Nevertheless, he still hasn’t told her that he was jobless for 3 months.

Twitter user @AnisRidduani, shared this man’s story in her tweet recently which caught the attention of netizens. A number of them could relate with what he did, but some netizens shared their opposing thoughts on his action:

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Back in June, Mr Lai, who used to earn a 6-figure income, resorted to becoming a rider for Foodpanda in order to put food on the table. Feel free to read his story here.

Source: Vocket via Suria FM.

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