McDonald’s Malaysia has issued a statement that they will take stern action against those who attempt to tarnish the company’s brand and reputation.

This comes as a response to Twitter user, Arabella, who previously claimed that McDonald’s had served a piece of Ayam Goreng McD that was infested with maggots. In the post, the fast food chain noted that there are media articles and comments circulating on the internet regarding the false allegation.

Source: Twitter

McDonald’s then explained that while they acknowledge that every individual has the freedom to voice out their opinion on social media, they urge the public to be mindful when sharing content online so that no reputation is questioned based on unsubstantiated and unverified claims. They also emphasised that “unnecessary fear and alarm shouldn’t be spread among netizens.”


They continued, “At McDonald’s Malaysia, food safety is of the utmost importance and they place great emphasis on quality control, following rigorous standards in the preparation of their food. We constantly strive to do our best for our customers across the country. And we urge the public to refer to our company’s official company channels to seek for clarifications in the future.”

McDonald’s Malaysia concluded by revealing that they are “currently seeking legal advice with a view of court proceedings against the netizen and those who have reposted or republished” Arabella’s past statement.

McDonald's Malaysia
Source: Facebook

Apart from that, the company also said that they won’t hesitate to take necessary action, including legal recourse, against those who try to spread lies about their brand.

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