Earlier this week, the internet went bananas after a Twitter user known as Arabella claimed that McDonald’s Malaysia had served her a piece of Ayam Goreng McD with a bunch of maggots in it.

Not only that, she even accompanied the shocking post with the photo of the spoiled fried chicken, much to the dismay of many netizens.

Source: Twitter via ohmymedia


Source: Twitter

In her most recent update on her Twitter, the young lady came forth to apologise over her false claims. In the post, she admitted that she had acted rashly in spreading the false claims about the dish. According to her, she had actually bought the chicken and kept it in room temperature for several days!

As a result of exposure to the temperature, the food became contaminated. Realising her mistake, she then apologised to McDonald’s Malaysia for all the wrong allegations made against the fast food chain. The netizen concluded by stating that she had consented to do so without any coercion or intimidation from any parties.

Many members of Twitterville weren’t buying her apology, though. Arabella ended up receiving tons of backlash from netizens. In this case, they argued that it wasn’t right for her to spread such slander. Others also told the girl to be prepared in case McDonald’s decides to take legal action.

Source: Twitter

Scrolling through the replies, a lot of people criticised her for being foolish. Hopefully this is a lesson learned.

Update (Tuesday, 29th September): 

McDonald’s Malaysia has released a statement and plans to take legal action against the netizen. Read what the company said here

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