A young Malaysian girl named Nafeesya encountered a life-changing experience after an old man approached her and asked for a ride back home.

In sharing the touching story on Twitter, Nafeesya (full name Nafisya Nabila Saifol Razal), said that she was initially reluctant to help as it was already late. But she eventually agreed to help the old man after seeing his poor condition.

Source: Twitter

According to the netizen, the uncle had been deceived and was left all alone in Ipoh. As a precaution, Nafeesya updated her recent location and informed her friends in their WhatsApp chatroom. In the lengthy thread, she further added that the incident took place around 11:45pm. The road was completely quiet and empty, with no vehicles passing by at that time!

Along the way, the father of four boys and two girls opened up about his heartbreaking life story. The atmosphere turned gloomy after the uncle stated that he “no longer sees his children after all of them got married”. It turns out that he has been abandoned by his own kids while his wife is currently in a mental hospital.

When asked about his financial income, the uncle stated that he relies on donations from the public. Nafeesya also wrote that the man did not ask for money from her and her friend at all. Upon arriving at the destination, Nafeesya and her friend were shocked to see that the elderly man hasn’t been living in a proper home.

It was clear that the 65-year-old senior citizen has been living in poverty. Seemingly affected by the sad reality, the Twitter user reflected, “There must be a reason behind our meeting, and I believe it was planned by Him. If God wills, we will come and visit him in the near future.”

Nafeesya’s tweets have since gained over 27k retweets at the time of writing, with many netizens praising the 21-year-old for her thoughtful act.

Source: Gempak.

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