Adrian Teh is back with another film, a Netflix Original “Pasal Kau!”, which won’t be an all-serious flick like his previous works “Wira” and “PASKAL”, but a romantic comedy with a hint of action.

Despite shifting to a lighter genre, the “Wira” director kept the action-star Hairul Azreen as his leading actor for the third consecutive time.

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Certain directors have preferred actors who they will opt for whenever they can. Since all 3 Malay films directed by Adrian has Hairul as the main actor, there might be a special bond or shared work values between these two.


“I enjoy working with him, I think he’s a very professional actor. If you look at the path he’s been through with me from ‘PASKAL’ to ‘Wira’, the commitment he put into each role shows that he’s a committed actor,” the Penang filmmaker told us. He went on to say that Hairul brings a good aura to the others on set and is naturally a “funny guy” off set.

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On the other side, the “PASKAL” actor said, “I gave my full cooperation because of our leader, Adrian Teh. He is punctual, disciplined, visionary and wants to bring up the Malaysian Filming Industry. I took the opportunity to do the same thing myself, so we both can bring it up together. That’s our goal.”

While it’s no doubt that the pair enjoy working together, the director’s opinion on his new female lead, Janna Nick, is also clear-cut. He confirmed that the script was written with Janna Nick in mind because he wanted a heroine that has the right elements to carry out the role.

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“Pasal Kau!”, which is Adrian Teh’s first Malay romantic comedy, will be available globally on Netflix from 1st October 2020.

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