Fame has its pros and cons. Besides getting special treatment and being adorned by fans, scandals and gossips about a celebrity travel fast.

Miss Hong Kong 2020 winner Lisa-Marie Tse was only crowned less than a month ago, but already has a “scandal” on her plate regarding a topless photo.

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Word got around when a netizen posted a topless photo online claiming it to be of Lisa-Marie Tse, which she recently commented on, denying the claim. “Her face is not even the same as mine. Her body also has a mole. The picture looks like it was taken on a boat. My body isn’t as nice as hers,” she said at an event recently.

Lisa-Marie, who used to be a nurse, added that she wouldn’t take such photos as she tends to be a very conservative person. When the topic centred on finding a boyfriend, the 25-year-old beauty mentioned she would like to focus on work for now, instead of finding love because she’s still young.

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On the other hand, the pageant winner also talked about her photos online where she had no make up. She said, “I know being Miss Hong Kong I would have to wear makeup. When I don’t apply makeup, my face looks unattractive, so I am learning.”

Even if she genuinely thinks that her face is not up to standards, it’s not the same case with what the fans think. They still find her looking superb even when she’s bare-faced, to which she responded, “Thanks, when I go out, I really don’t wear any makeup, but now I would apply makeup first.”

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