King Maha Vajiralongkorn has been notorious for his scandal-plagued playboy lifestyle and well as his lavish expenditure.

Earlier this week, Andrew MacGregor Marshall – who has been reporting on the Thai royal family for years – posted a document that details the cost of taxpayers in Thailand.

Source: Thread Reader

The British journalist explained that the document is an estimate cost of the Thai embassy in Berlin when Vajiralongkorn was just a crown prince before being crowned as king. The cost of €938,485 (or approx. RM4.5 million) was incurred from various expenses within 5 months (1st May – 30th September 2016).


Marshall also highlighted the following points:

  • It does not cover all the other vast expenses of Vajiralongkorn’s stay in Germany, for himself, his harem and his entourage. It does not cover all the other hotel rooms for the king and his entourage at the Hilton Hotel at Munich Airport and the Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl.
  • It does not cover the cost of his private fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft and helicopters. It is just a fraction of what Vajiralongkorn’s stay in Germany costs taxpayers.
  • Vajiralongkorn has spent most of his time in Germany since 2007. For about a decade he lived at the Hilton, formerly the Kempinski, where he rented the entire top floor of one of the two wings of the hotel. After 2016 he began living mostly at Hotel Sonnenbichl instead.
  • By now, the total cost must be billions of dollars.
Source: World Today News/ AFP.

In addition, the Thai King is reportedly fond of wearing crop tops in private – which is a far cry from the public image people have of Vajiralongkorn.

Sources: China Press, Thread Reader.

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