Earlier this week, a photo of a Malaysian woman accompanying her husband during his solemnisation with his 3rd wife went viral on social media.

Shockingly, the aforementioned lady, Rosyilah Abd Rashid, who is the 2nd wife of the man, Khubaib Ramli, was responsible for making all the preparations for the event!

Source: Penang Kini FB

In speaking to Sinar Harian about the recent viral topic, the science teacher said that she never prevented her husband from pursuing polygamy. In fact, she even encouraged him to find an additional wife.


As stated by Rosyilah, there were a total of seven candidates before the right one came along. All previous 7 women couldn’t see eye to eye in committing to a polygamous marriage. Things worked out with the 8th candidate due to the fact that Khubaib and the woman had already been acquainted.

Source: Facebook

Rosyilah further added that the new wife, known as Nurul Ain, first got noticed when she attended an interview at her husband’s company on 1st February. “During the interview, I could tell that my husband really liked her from the way he reacted, and vice versa. A week after that, he expressed his wish to marry Ain. They eventually got engaged on 15th March,” shared Rosyilah.

During the interview, Rosyilah revealed that she has been mentally prepared for polygamy for some time now. Before marrying Khubaib in 2015, Rosyilah was a single mother of 2 daughters from her previous marriage. The couple currently have 1 daughter together.

In case you’re wondering, Khubaib and his 1st wife are already divorced and is residing in Kelantan. The religious figure has 6 children, 2 girls and 4 boys, from his 1st marriage.

Source: Sinar Harian.

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