Malaysia has been presented with the honour of being the first country in Southeast Asia to host the renowned Swarovski Crystal Studio. The Crystal Studio, which was first opened in Milan followed by Paris, Shanghai and Beijing, has now officially opened in Malaysia. 

This Crystal Studio has been designed as a dynamic and creative space where Swarovski’s customers can enjoy the latest in-store experience in the most phenomenal manner to date. The Crystal Studio, infused with Swarovski’s innovative and glamorous DNA, aims to encourage trial, creativity and spontaneity in order to cater to the customer’s unique needs through an elevated shopping experience.


This new store is located at Mid Valley Megamall in Kuala Lumpur. The store’s concept offers a premium aesthetic with carefully chosen materials and colours that create a unique “studio” atmosphere.

The store’s design has been equipped with wall units that stand as modular displays, defined by a metallic mesh with a refined rose-gold tone, placing greater emphasis on showcasing the product. These wall displays were designed to captivate the consumer’s attention by showcasing a curated selection of pieces displayed in mood board-like arrangements, for enhanced storytelling.

Patricia Urquiola designed the new store concept for Swarovski by contrasting energetic colours and tactile elements to create a vibrant and engaging atmosphere throughout the store. Homage was also paid to Swarovski’s iconic blue across the store’s layout by blending in materials, finishes and patterns in the brand’s signature shade.

The design of the Crystal Studio also incorporates interactive digital touch points throughout the store with the aim to enhance the purchase process but also create an inviting space in which customers can immerse themselves into the sparkling world of Swarovski.

The heart of the shopping experience is at the Crystal Bar which is an immersive jewellery station. This Crystal Bar acts as a station where consumers can spend time discovering new products, curating looks with styling consultations from Swarovski’s in-store experts and exploring product ranges virtually. Within this carefully curated space, every customer can create and style their unique sparkle.

Shoppers are encouraged to touch and try on a range of products using the variable lighting settings at the Crystal Bar mirrors and to explore the digital styling inspiration from Swarovski’s community of influencers. The Crystal Bar even offers a wireless phone charging area to use while shopping. Personalised gift options are also available, whether you are shopping for a friend or loved one, or for yourself. 


Robert Buchbauer, Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO of Consumer Goods Business, made a statement explaining how the Crystal Studio has been created in an exquisitely detailed manner that caters to the needs of all types of customers.

“When developing the concept,” explains Robert, “We really tried to learn from our consumers and address their needs. From augmented reality screens catering to shoppers who want to quickly select products, to the Crystal Bar where people can enjoy trying on products for as long as they like, we believe we have created a memorable in-store experience for everyone.” 

In addition to an optimised store format, the layout has also been reimagined to truly reinvent the shopping experience. Digital dimensions are integrated throughout and guide the shopping experience; starting from the shop window screens, aimed at capturing consumer’s attention, to interactive tablets providing styling tips. Large screens display inspirational visuals, seasonal brand and campaign content, and create a contemporary, fresh and immersive in-store experience.  

Just entering Swarovski’s Crystal Studio will make you sparkle. It is definitely a shopping experience unlike any other, which aims to take retail therapy to a new level of glamorous. All those in Malaysia can now conveniently visit Swarovski’s new store at G-006, Midvalley Megamall and indulge in this exclusively unique shopping experience. 

Furthermore, to make the Crystal Studio more accessible to all, Swarovski is pleased to present an Interactive Virtual Retail Store that customers can explore here.

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