The late Sandra Dianne‘s mom, Nur Syakinah Abdullah, took to her Facebook account recently to address the ongoing negative comments surrounding her daughter’s passing.

Even more shocking, a few internet trolls has blamed Syakinah for being the cause of her daughter’s death. In particular, one Facebook user, Eina Outlet, claimed that she purposely asked the doctors to remove Sandra’s ICU ventilator!

Source: Beautifulnara

Syakinah posted a lengthy statement on her social media page to address the shocking allegation. In the post, she said that the comment written by the social media user was a big slander. “You seem to be accusing me of killing my own child and purposely choosing a date for her death,” wrote Syakinah, seemingly upset by Eina’s claim.


She continued, “For your information, 3 days after the accident (Tuesday), my child was able to breathe without relying on the ventilator. On Wednesday she underwent respiratory tube surgery to help her breathe on her own without the help of the machine. Please refer to the picture! (in the post)”

“A day after the operation (Thursday), the doctor said her condition was stable. I took care of her in the ward from day until night. Sandra’s condition unfortunately declined after that, and she eventually passed away on Friday morning,” Syakinah clarified. She also revealed that she will be filing a defamation lawsuit against Eina for coming up with the false allegation.

The late singer, who was also a participant on the local singing show “Big Stage”, died at Putrajaya Hospital after being involved in a tragic accident along the North-South Expressway Central Link.

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