Another day, another hot controversy involving Dato’ Aliff Syukri’s ex-staff.

Earlier this week, the internet community had been buzzing about the celebrity entrepreneur’s former personal assistant, Muhammad Iqbal Sani. However, there may be some skeletons in the cupboard.

Source: Murai

Word on the street has it that Iqbal, along with a woman believed to be his wife, Intan Nurulhaleda, have allegedly scammed many clients who purchased holiday packages for a famous hotel in Negri Sembilan from their travel agency, I&1 Paradise Venture. For those curious, the shocking revelation was made by Twitter user, Amalina Hafizah Ahmad.


Amalina, who was a former agent for the travel company, revealed that she previously booked a hotel under both Intan and Iqbal’s service. After that, she was asked by them to promote the tour package. The social media user wrote, “If I successfully managed to get a customer, I will get 10% commission. But I didn’t get the 10%, the only thing I got is trouble.”

Source: Twitter

In the post, Amalina also apologised to those affected as she didn’t expect that the company had encountered a major problem in the past. She further assured everyone that all of the payments have been transferred directly into the company’s account. She clarified that she was also victimised by the couple.

Amalina further revealed that Iqbal had done the same to several of her fellow agents under the company as well. Even sadder, some of the victims who had bought the package also include frontline workers. According to her, nearly 60 doctors and nurses from Sungai Buloh Hospital have fallen victim to this culprit. “Please help make this post go viral until these 2 scammers are found,” she wrote on the post.

Source: Twitter

Read the D’Herbs owner’s response to this case here:

Iqbal has since deactivated his Instagram account, seemingly to avoid from being caught.

Source: Murai.

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