Do you know about the spendthrift from a University located in Subang? In case you didn’t, this is the person who has recently been trending on social media after complaining about how their allowance of RM 2,000 is apparently insufficient for the big spender.

This student felt that the allowance, which was increased to RM3,000, was still not enough and later went on to publish another post explaining his spending habits and why he needs so much cash. This most recent post has caused netizens to lose their minds about how careless the student seems to be with their money.



The student took to the Taylors Confessions Facebook page to complain about their “insufficient” allowance, and also to ask for advice on how to budget. The second post, which explains exactly what the student spends so much money on, has been getting significant backlash from netizens who have been calling them a “spoiled brat”  or even a “troll”.

The post with the heavy-spender’s budget breakdown shows that the student spends RM1,500 per month just for food! And if you think that’s bad, you’ll be shocked when you learn that they spend an additional RM 200 per month just for “special meals.” That’s not all, the student also spends ANOTHER RM 200 per month for “gaming top up”, in addition to a whole lot of other unnecessary expenditures.

From RM 200 electricity bills to RM 200 online shopping sprees, this spendthrift clearly has no idea how to live on a student’s budget. Apparently, the spender is “very proud tbh” of those of us who “survive with RM1000 per month.” Honestly, at this point we don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Since these claims sound literally unbelievable, many netizens have pointed out that the posts are probably fake and created by an internet troll. Are all these claims by the “over-spender” true or false? Let us know what you think!

Source: Facebook.

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