Mira Filzah and her husband Wan Emir Astar shared with their fans some adorable moments from their honeymoon trip in Langkawi over the weekend.

However, one particular thing that caught everyone’s attention was this selfie photo of the newlyweds. In this case, many were utterly shocked after noticing a few white hair strands on Emir’s head.

Source: myartisdotcom

The 30-year-old ended up becoming a target of malicious comments left by keyboard warriors, with a lot of them poking fun at Emir’s grey hair. Worse, others even sarcastically pointed out that the couple looked like a pair of father and daughter in the photo.


Despite the degrading remarks, others came forth to defend both Emir and the “Anugerah Bintang Popular” winner. Most of them argued that premature hair whitening is normal for some people. There were also others who said that those who slammed him were bitterly jealous with the fact that Emir was the one who managed to win the heart of the local celeb.

Source: Facebook via Rotikaya

Do you think the internet trolls were just being petty over the issue? Share your thoughts with us.

Source: myartisdotcom.

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