A university student posted on Facebook asking for advice on ways to save money because apparently, RM2,000 of monthly allowance isn’t enough for the person.

It was posted on Taylors Confessions Facebook Page this week, and it sparked an outrage from netizens, as many opine that much of money for a student is more than necessary.


The original poster (OP) mentioned in the post that their parents had increased it to RM3,000 but the person insisted, “I still feel (the money is) not enough, like you wouldn’t expect me everyday (to) eat economic rice right?” He ended the post by asking readers on ways to be smarter in spending money.

However, OP didn’t get the answer he was looking for. Netizens were quick to react negatively and the post received a lot of backlash because of OP’s supposed lavish lifestyle. Most of them were outraged and called him out for being ungrateful and entitled.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

The post has received around 2,000 comments and many gave their own two cents worth to the student. Nonetheless, not all of the comments were detrimental. A few people decided to respond to the question by offering advice without any judgments, some even took the chance to slam people condemning the individual.

OP got fed up and decided to make a new post the very next day on the same page after getting a lot of unwanted responses on the previous one. This one is meant to demand netizens to stop the bad-mouthing.

We would like to remind our readers to always be grateful and spend your money wisely, you’ll never know when you need it most!

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