Ever since Dee Kosh’s shocking scandal came to light – fans have been wondering if he’s been living a double life all this while? Is his close circle questioning whether they really knew him at all?

While many of his close friends have chosen to remain silent – namely Xiaxue, Jian Hao and the people from Night Owl Cinematics (NOC), a few have broken their silence to share their two cents on the matter.

1. Benjamin and Narelle Kheng from The Sam Willows


Dee Kosh

Yesterday (Tuesday, 18th August), the Kheng siblings from The Sam Willows took to their Instagram Stories to share their thoughts on the Singaporean YouTuber. Benjamin acknowledged the youngsters who have been victimised, yet found the courage to speak up. Even though the singer-songwriter still refers to Dee as “a friend of mine”, Benjamin said that he’s “very disappointed” and does not condone his actions.

As for Narelle, she made her stand clear with the message: “Imbalance of power is what allows for abuse. If empathy over anger is something you’d rather extend then extend it to the more vulnerable.”

2. Hirzi Zulkiflie

Hirzi and Dee have been frequent collaborators on the YouTube scene, namely the “SYAxRIA” series featuring their female alter-egos – Sya Sya and Ria Warna. After agreeing to speak up, the Singaporean comedian released a lengthy statement around midnight.

In his post, the 31-year-old shared that he found out about the sex allegations around the same time everyone else did. Hirzi explained that he hasn’t been able to grasp the full picture and is still “stunned, confused, lost, hurt, and disappointed”.

He echoed Nathan Hartono’s sentiments – which brings us to the next point…

3. Nathan Hartono

Dee Kosh


When an internet troll called Nathan Hartono spineless for staying silent, the singer schooled the person in the comment section.  “Stories have two sides. You know what else though? Regardless of whether he’s in the wrong, or right, or somewhere in between… I am a friend of his. Have been for years. And last I checked, friends don’t abandon each other when they are at their weakest,” he wrote.

The “Sing! China” finalist added, “Should I personally feel like he is wrong, after finding out the whole truth, I will be there for him on the path towards healing and improvement. Because that’s what friends do for each other. You don’t just drop your friends the moment it becomes inconvenient to have them.”

4. Others

Jade Rasif has been pretty vocal throughout this whole ordeal and even provided her platform as a safe space for victims to speak up.

Following several police reports, the authorities said that investigations are ongoing.

Update (21st August):

Popular YouTube channel Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) has since released a statement, saying that all work with Dee has been put on hold. The video production company had also removed the 32-year-old YouTuber from their YouTube video credits and website about us page.

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Our statement.

A post shared by NOC By Ryan Sylvia! (@nightowlcinematics) on

Fans have been left wondering if they have cut ties for good. Mothership also noted that Dee’s byline no longer appears in the recent “Food King” episodes. The removal of his name from previous videos goes as far back as 3 months.

In NOC’s statement, the company revealed that it was Dee’s management who made the request to conclude their dealings.

Source: Mothership.

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