Wait, Dee Kosh did what? The Singaporean content creator is currently being accused of being a sexual predator.

Instagrammer @_epaul made some pretty bold allegations when he claimed that the 32-year-old YouTuber harassed him under the guise of recruiting him as a talent for his channel.


Epaul was backed by several Twitter users who alleged that Dee has offered money to boys on social media in exchange for sexual favours. Apparently, several more individuals have come out to support these claims. Do the screenshots from the DMs reflect that sort of behaviour?

Another user named Praveen claimed that Dee made an offer to be friends with benefits. He even posted a screenshot of the Singaporean radio host’s supposed Grindr profile and his message. If you’ve been following Dee, it’s no secret that the public figure has confessed to experimenting with guys. Having said that, he has insisted that he prefers Malay women instead.


A boy named Samuel also took to his socials to share his alleged encounter with the Singaporean public figure. In the screenshots he uploaded, Samuel was apparently offered $1k to “see what you want to do” privately.

He also claims that the accused uses “SC” (which stands for secret chat and not Snapchat) to ensure the conversation can’t be traced back. The previous chat was dated just earlier this month on 3rd August.

So what does Dee has to say about these allegations? “I’m denying all allegations made by the people who have said what they’ve said,” the Food King host wrote.

Netizens are currently waiting for the YouTuber to address the drama. Some are also wondering if this is just another one of his “social experiments”. Despite the overwhelming backlash, some are urging social media users not to resort to the toxic mentality of “cancel culture”.

Dee Kosh

Update (Tuesday, 18th August):

Dee Kosh has since released a full statement here.

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