Dee Kosh is coming clean after several teenage boys claimed that they were sexually harassed by him.

Just moments ago, the 32-year-old YouTuber posted a lengthy statement in addressing the allegations that surfaced over the weekend. Despite his apology, he denies any sexual relations with any minor.

Dee Kosh
Source: IG

In his statement, the Singapore public figure insisted that the following 2 episodes did not occur:


1. The allegations of me looking for paid sex on the dating apps are completely false. The person in the screenshots is a catfish.

2. I have never used my talent management business as a platform for anything else apart from working with all our clients for content creation and entertainment. My propositions for sex have always been clear and definitive. Just like my proposals to acquire talents for my talent roster. To blur these lines not only paints me as a predator but also impacts my business, the talents and the people who work along with me. Worse, it also impacts my relationship with my friends, my followers and most importantly to me, my family. I have always separated work and play. Whether it’s about my love life, family life, friendships or whatever. I’ve always maintained a line in between my life’s compartments.


Having said that, Praveen Ramesh – who was one of individuals that spoke up – uploaded some “receipts” proving that it was Dee on the app and not a “catfish” as the YouTuber claimed. In his statement, Dee felt that “it was a friendly conversation which was cheeky and inappropriate, but I did not take it any further“.

Instagrammer @_Epaul – who was 17 years old when it happened 2 years ago – received a lawyer’s letter on 16th August on the grounds of harassment and defamation. However, DC Law firm told Mothership the next day (on 17th August) that that it was no longer representing Dee (whose full name is name is Darryl Ian Koshy).

Since then, a few more have filed police reports against the entertainer. Dee is currently being investigated. His employer, Power 98 FM, also announced that the radio DJ is currently on leave.

Sources: Coconuts SG, Mothership.

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