Step aside! Actress Jisoo (지수) is coming her way.

The BLACKPINK member has officially landed her first ever leading role in a Korean TV series titled “Snowdrop”. Who’s in your area now 😉

Source: AllKpop

BLACKPINK’s home label, YG Entertainment, confirmed the reports not long after it circulated earlier today (Tuesday, 18th August). The agency came up with a short statement that reads, “It’s true that Jisoo will appear on ‘Snowdrop’.”


Interestingly, “Snowdrop” will also be a reunion project between the writer and director of the hit drama “Sky Castle”, namely Cho Hyun Tak and Yoo Hyun Mi. Word has it that the drama will be broadcasted on the cable channel JTBC.

Sources: Marie Claire, Trendsmap

In related news, the “Boombayah” singer recently sat down for an interview following a pictorial for Marie Claire. During the chat with the fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine, Jisoo dished on the experience working with Selena Gomez for their upcoming collaboration project.

“We weren’t able to meet in person. We adjusted our own schedules and communicated numerous times to finish the project. I thought she was a refreshing and cool person after seeing her sharing her opinions in an easygoing style even though she is a global star,” spilled Jisoo.

Regarding what type of influence she wants to project, she revealed, “After seeing me succeeding after working hard, I hope others will gain their confidence and think, ‘I also can do it’ or ‘I also want to find something of my own’. That doesn’t mean that they can just blindly imitate what I’m doing. Everyone has a different charm, so there’s no point in just copying. I hope people can see me and discover their true selves along the way.”

Source: Marie Claire

When asked about whether she was born with talent or had to work hard for it, Jisoo described herself as “someone who was born with the ability to work hard”. According to her, “The process of working hard isn’t too difficult for me. That’s why I think I was born with that ability. I’m not afraid to try new challenges and am open to others’ opinions, without changing my own style and method in approaching something.”

In addition, Jisoo also talked about catching up with her members while promoting “How You Like that”. “We would always stick together as a group, especially while on the road. But recently, we had been busy with our individual schedules. Even though it was tiring at the time, I miss the time when we were on overseas tour a lot. It was fun!” shared the 25-year-old.

The idol also shared that she and fellow member Lisa have been spending their spare time watching K-dramas. “Recently, we’ve been binge-watching ‘Goblin’. Lisa has also been enjoying ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay’, so I’m watching it with her. The funny thing is that I find it more enjoyable to watch Lisa watching the drama rather than the drama itself,” said Jisoo, pointing out the Thai K-pop star’s cute reaction while watching the series.

Source: Marie Claire

Jisoo also shared with the publication on her growing love for fashion, especially after working as an ambassador for Dior. In recalling her experience modelling for the famous beauty product, Jisoo, who is a huge fan of Natalie Portman, said that it was a huge honour to work for the same brand as the “Black Swan” actress.


Finally, Jisoo shared that after the shoot, she will be heading to the recording studio. She explained, “After the release of this special single album, we’re preparing for a studio album. So these days, recording has become a part of my daily life. Please look forward to it.”

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Mark your calendars, BLINKs! BLACKPINK’s comeback single with the “We Don’t Talk Anymore” hit-maker is scheduled to drop on 28th August (Friday).

Sources: Soompi (1)(2).

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