Caprice had this to say in addressing the viral issue of a number of highway users performing their prayers at the emergency lane at the KL-Karak Highway which sparked quite a backlash from netizens recently.

In the post, the “Abang Nak Tegur” rapper uploaded a clip of him voicing out his opinions about the controversy, along with the caption that read, “If people are praying, we have to be respectful”. 

In his recent update on Instagram, the local celeb shared that this occurrence is something that not only happens in countries where the majority of the population is Muslim, but similar situations also happens in the United States. He said, “Actually, there’s no need for us to make a fuss out of this matter. Performing prayers are common abroad. Not only in Arab countries but in New York as well.”

Caprice continued, “During Friday prayers, the people there prayed by the roadside and ended up blocking others. But still, drivers passing by respected them. They understand that fellow Muslims were praying. It doesn’t matter what religion, but if people are performing their worship, we have to be respectful. No need to fuss, no need to debate. Just respect.”

Source: Facebook

The rapper’s opinion was met with mixed remarks from local netizens. In this case, some argued that the similar situation happening overseas is far more different from what happened in our country recently.

Others pointed out that emergency lanes at the highway are intended for emergency use only, which could be very risky and harmful for others as accidents might happen if other vehicles weren’t aware of the individuals on the emergency lane.


What are your thoughts on this?

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