Caprice held an Instagram Live with Fynn Jamal to confront the “Arjuna Beta” singer regarding her controversial statement on sexual harassment over the weekend.

The thing that managed to catch everyone’s attention was one particular man’s shocking confession that he was born as a result of his mother being raped years ago.

In the photo uploaded by Twitter user @syznrht, an Instagram user named Fahmi (@fhmiasyraff) commented, “My mom was raped when her house was broken in. I’m the son who was born out of that tragedy. Don’t assume that all women are deliberate, they are actually the victims. I am representing my mother. You should put the blame on those rapists.

Fahmi later took to his Twitter to share more,“I am the owner of the (IG) account. Please give me permission to screenshot and post about this. I think it is time for me to free myself from this shame. I have a loving mother who never dumped me even though I wasn’t the child she was waiting for.”

Speaking to Astro Gempak, the victim admitted that he and his mother have been deeply affected by the incident. “It’s not easy for my mom to deal with this. It’s also hard for me to forget about the tragedy. My mother and I have mental health problems, but her condition is worse. It’s not easy to give birth to an illegitimate child knowing that she was married at the time,” Fahmi was quoted as saying.


“Stop blaming women for everything. They should be valued instead. Stop putting fault on their clothing. Instead, start teaching the men on how to behave and control their lustful desire. Imagine how it would feel if other people did that to your own family member,” he further added.

Check out what the members of the Twitterverse had to say in response to his heartbreaking story:

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Source: Gempak.

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