Contrary to the fake news being spread online, Pak Lah is doing just fine.

Yesterday (Sunday, 2nd August), rumours were circulating that former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had passed away. An official representative has since rubbished the false news.

Source: Facebook

Datuk Jefridin Atan, the special officer to Pak Lah, released a statement on social media stating, “Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s office denies the viral message regarding Tun’s health condition and states that he is in good health and is with his family. The office deeply regrets the spread of this fake news.”


Jefridin also hopes that the public will verify the authenticity of such news from legit sources before spreading them on social apps like Whatsapp and Facebook. He added that fake news are contagious and can spread unnecessary panic among the people.

Pak Lah
Source: Facebook

He ended his statement with the hashtag #TidakPastiJanganKongsi (don’t share if you’re not certain).

Source: Galeri Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

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