Naim Daniel uploaded a video of his acting role as a character suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) in a short film titled “Aku OCD” over the weekend.

However, the 23-year-old’s portrayal of the character was met with backlash by one particular netizen, who slammed Naim for not doing enough research in bringing his role to life.


The internet troll commented, “What a bad way to portray a character who is suffering from OCD. I am sure you are not really familiar with the disease. At least you should do some research first.” Well, Naim refused to stay mum after receiving the hate comment.

In fact, the “Sembah” singer responded by revealing that he had already met an OCD sufferer as one of his efforts to study more about the mental disorder. He replied, “This is true – before we started filming, I met with one of the individuals suffering from OCD to study more about the illness.”

Naim also shared that he took inspiration from a Spanish movie called “Toc-Toc”, played by Nuria Herroro. “The least that I could do was imitate the character’s behaviour as well as what the actress conveyed in the film,” the “Pia” actor wrote.

Source: myinfotaip

Despite the negative remark, many fans came to Naim’s defence by pointing out that the story actually depicted what happens in real life and praised his performance in the movie.

Source: mStar.

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