Safiey Ilias doesn’t like the fact that her name is often linked with Nur Sajat’s numerous hot controversies.

In speaking to Gempak about the long-overdue drama, the cosmetics entrepreneur emphasised that she is against everything that Sajat has being doing.

Source: myartisdotcom

“I have not been supporting everything that Sajat has been doing. Deep in my heart, I believe that we cannot make fun of matters related to religion and also racism because these issues are sensitive to the society,” the “Apa Salah Syinta” singer was quoted as saying.


“I even performed umrah dressed as a man. What Sajat did in the past has impacted me as well. Since I don’t know anything that’s going on in Sajat’s life, I keep my criticism to a minimum. I don’t want to meddle with her private life,” she continued.

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During the chat, Safiey added that she refused to make things worse. Therefore, she prefers to only share about her beauty ventures and business on social media. “I will only showcase myself from a more positive angle. Just because she showed off her assets, that doesn’t mean I have to bare it all too,” said the queer figure.

She concluded, “I want to show a different side to the community. I want to prove that there is also something good about being a mak nyah (trans woman).” 

Source: Gempak.

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