Popular celebrity-entrepreneur Nur Sajat recently caused yet another stir after photos of her performing umrah with her family and friends made its way online.

During her stay at the sacred town of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, she was seen completely covered in loose clothing complete with hijab, and not in an ihram (as male Muslims are supposed to). The post has in turn received widespread reactions among local netizens.


In this case, a number of enraged fans are questioning Sajat’s decision to travel to a holy place as a woman. Additionally, they claimed that the 36-year-old transsexual figure is making fun of the religion and demand that the authorities make a thorough investigation on this case.

Not only that, a lot of them have also tried their best to find proof that the “Makhluk Penggoda” singer was indeed born as a man, and not a female. Soon after, a picture of her clad in a male robe while waiting for her flight went viral. Photo of her alleged driving license also started circulating online!

On the contrary, a few Twitter users online have left supportive remarks, with most of them demanding to put a stop to all the criticisms and backlash. They pointed out that all her deeds and sins are between her and God. It is not anyone’s place to judge.

Check out the leaked photos as well as netizens’ reactions on Twitter.

What do y’all have to say about this issue?

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