Jay Chou (周杰倫) has put a restaurant in Taichung on blast after they released CCTV footage of him dining in with 2 of his buddies.

The Taiwanese Mandopop king took to his Instagram Story to demand why the eatery – named Annie’s House (義式風味餐廳) – violated his privacy.

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Can someone help me ask what’s the point of taking photos of security footage??? Is this a service that’s supposed to be provided by a restaurant? Helping their customers take photos of their security footage?” Jay captioned on his social media posts.


The 41-year-old’s record company JVR Music also issued a statement, condemning the staff from Annie’s House’s over their actions “The restaurant should not release private screenshots of their guests without their consent,” the company stated.

The incident took place earlier on Monday (13th July) when the rapper visited the venue. Surprisingly, the waitress who served him didn’t even recognise him even after he removed his shades. The internet has been calling the 45-year-old Ah Jiao “the blindest nonchalant waitress in Taiwan”.

It wasn’t until the staff on duty reviewed the security camera footage when they realised their customer was in fact the famous Jay Chou. In speaking to the media, Ah Jiao recalled that she did suspect it could be the pop star, but didn’t think he had put on so much weight.

Oh snap!

Jay Chou
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Following backlash from netizens, Annie’s House took to Facebook to apologise. “First of all, we would like to say sorry to Mr. Jay Chou, we’re really sorry. All we wanted was to fulfil the wishes of the staff member who served you, and we did not expect the images to circulate among other communities. We are very sorry for the trouble we have caused you,” the statement reads.

They also added that the CCTV footage screenshots were meant as a souvenir for the waitress Ah Jiao. She didn’t expect the photos to go viral after sharing it on social media.

Source: Xuan.

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