AKMU member Chanhyuk (이찬혁) recently made his appearance in Lee Hi(이하이)’s YouTube show “#Holo”. During their chat, the former label mates discussed on what they’ve been up to recently.

Lee Hi, who had left the recording label back in December, asked his suggestion on which company she should sign to. The 24-year-old then gave a surprising answer, hinting at his plans regarding his music career.

Source: YouTube via Koreaboo

Chanhyuk told the “No One” singer, “I think you should wait a bit more until I start my own agency, then you can come and join me,” before he bursted into laughter. Lee Hi responded by saying, “He’s been telling me that for over two years!”


The “K-pop Star” winner then added that he had a dream about her voice, to which Lee Hi said, “He keeps including me in his dreams. He thinks of my voice as his inspiration to fulfil his goals“. Chanhyuk then explained that he is aiming to produce songs for her and hopefully chart the songs on Billboard.

The solo singer is set to make her first comeback since leaving YG Entertainment, though she didn’t reveal which company she had signed with. During the session, Chanhyuk gave an honest remark in regards to her future music releases. “I wish you will have more freedom when it comes to choosing your musical style,” the “Re-Bye” singer said.

Watch the full clip here:

For those who don’t know, Chanhyuk, along with younger sister Suhyun’s contract with YG will expire in April 2021.

Source: Koreaboo.

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