Chryseis Tan (陈雪铃) is expected to deliver her baby girl next Wednesday (22nd July).

Naturally, a lot her followers on Instagram have been curious about her first pregnancy and luckily for some, their enquiries were answered during Chryseis’ Q&A session last night.

Chryseis Tan
Source: IG

When asked about how she’s been coping now that the due date is just a few days away, the expecting mom replied, “Nervous and excited at the same time – mixed feelings.” The 31-year-old also got candid about her pregnancy struggles, the products she’s been using these past few months, and also teasing Faliq Nasimuddin in the process.


Here are 10 things we learned from Chryseis’ interaction:

1. First trimester: “I had bad morning sickness till week 12 as well… I was in bed most of the time and couldn’t eat much.”

2. Facial sunscreen: Heliocare

3. Prevent dark eye circles: Lamer’s eye cream

4. Supplements: Aside from doctor’s prescription, BHB Health’s Floradix, Salu and Udo oil + e.easia’s Rosytime.

Source: IG

5. Products to prevent stretch marks: “I use all types of oils and creams – as long as the area is constantly moisturised I think that should do – coconut oil, almond oil, thick rich creams etc…

6. Prenatal massage: Traditional Malay urut

7. Pregnancy pillow: Doomoo


8. Weight gained during pregnancy: “On week 39 now and I’ve gained about 12kg.”

9. C-section or natural birth?: Undecided

10. Will Faliq be present during the delivery?: “Yes, he better.”

Source: IG

So what has Chryseis learned throughout her pregnancy journey? Her answer was concise, “A mother’s sacrifice.”

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