Staffs working at a restaurant in Shanghai were horrified to find the place tainted with shit when they showed up for work on Monday.

Surveillance footage showed a man hurling a bag of feces at the eatery located on Madang Road along the downtown Huangpu district.

Source: Shanghaiist

According to reports, the culprit – surnamed Wang – had an unpleasant experience with the staffs at the restaurant. Unsatisfied, he decided to take matters into his own hands by taking revenge. Surveillance showed him vandalising the property at approximately 3am last Monday morning before driving off in his scooter.


As a result, workers on duty had to delay opening the restaurant while they cleaned up the mess and the stinking smell. An investigation was carried out after the restaurant made a police report. It didn’t take long before the culprit was caught.



In his confession, Wang shared that he acted out in anger after he was denied entry into the restaurant despite queuing for a long time. He suspected that a staff member had deliberately made things difficult.

As punishment, the Chinese man has been placed in administrative detention for 15 days. Some commentators suggested that Wang had wanted to cut line and that resulted in him and his companions not being allowed to dine in. Still, it doesn’t justify his actions.

Source/ Images: QZTV.

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